Services Rendered

Our legal services protect you and your family during times of hardship. As a general practice law firm, we provide a wide array of legal services to clients in need.

Specialized in various aspects of legal services from drafting, pleading, conveyancing & pre-trial practice through to trial including:

Property/Real Estate from search/opinion, declaration/injunction, deeds-drafting/conveyancing/registration/completion.        

Drafting and pleadings, motions, orders, interrogatories, requests for production, settlement proposals, opinion letters, demand letters, contracts, legal briefs/memoranda, and various client correspondence;

Trade/Patents and Intellectual Property Rights;

Arbitration matters under Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996;

Debt Recovery proceedings before the Debt Recovery Tribunals under Debt Recovery laws and SARFAECI Act, 2002.

Competitions Act- made research and lectures in Education Forum.

Proceeding under section 138 of N.I. Act, Default proceedings both credit cards & loans   

Corporate/Company and Bank Disputes before their respective Forums and Tribunals;

Attending and/or representing clients at hearings, depositions, settlement conferences, mediation, pre-trial conferences, and trial;

Conducting extensive legal research, both traditionally and electronically;

Routinely defended clients in all aspects of civil, criminal and family/matrimonial cases;

Handling all aspects of Family/Matrimonial Law cases including highly contentious disputes like IPC 498, DV Act, Sec 125 CrPC, Restitution of Conjugal Rights, Matrimonial and Alimony Suits, Child custody and visitation disputes

Successfully and regularly settled difficult cases to client’s satisfaction and routinely drafted, filing, contesting corresponding marital settlement agreements. Divorce both mutual and contested.

Handling issues relating to Family Business Law in matters involving smooth Succession Plan, Estate and Governance Planning AND Tax savings Schemes.

Criminal Cases—Prosecution and defence of both Summon & Warrant Cases, Bail—Anticipatory & Regular i.e. Before and after arrest

·       All forms of Writ remedies.


IN GENERAL THE LEGAL SERVICES provided by the Firm shall include but not limited:

• To provide counseling and analysis the nature and structure of the matter for legal opinion and consultancy, to provide counseling on all kind of legal issues, rules and regulations, and to provide all legal consultancies and judicial assistance, arising from any kind of lawsuits.

• To analysis violations and file cases against the culprits for appropriate actions and penalties.

• To undertake all sorts of reviewing, drafting and revising of contracts or agreements, Request for Proposals, Letters of Intent, and other various kind of legal documents with the knowledge of local and international legislations pertaining to client’s business activities.

• To draft and prepare corporate documents for the establishment of a company such as Memorandum of Associations/Understandings, Articles of Association/Understanding and to help for establishing local and foreign companies.

• To prepare defense pleadings for various type of cases resulting from various activities,

• To represent clients to any concerned authority, ministry, and police station and at all India Courts or in any kind of legal proceedings, arising out of any issue.

• To represent in any local and foreign claims, recovering or collection of all dues or debts etc.

• To use all methods to protect client’s interests, rights, obligations and to anticipate and guard against legal risks facing by the clients.

• To lead the parties in Arbitration, to play the role of the intermediaries in all disputed matters before referring matters to the court.

• Advising and handling all matters relating to intellectual property rights and litigations on relevant issues including registration of local and foreign trademarks.

• Handling all international cases& disputes for foreign clients and to assist them in implementing their obligations in India.