We handle both civil,criminal and quasi-civil litgations of all types in courts of law and Tribunals all over India which include

  • Commercial contract dispute claims

  • Monetary  claims

  • Debt collection employment disputes

  • Trust and Probate

  • Mortgage claims

  • Insurance claims

  • Tax claims
  • Personal injury claims

  • Enforcement of Decrees

  • Enforcement of Foreign Decrees

  • Serving Summons

  • Providing expert advise on Indian Law

  • Writ Petitions

  • Family and marital disputes

  • Bail and criminal trials

  • Civil suits, Revision, Appeal, Review in High Court and Supreme Court


The firm practices and assists clients on all types of civil and commercial litigation in all the courts in the country. The firm’s network of offices around the country is very useful for our clients who have litigation around the country as they don’t have to look for local lawyers. This effectively saves the client on cost of travel and time.