Banking Securities and Finance Services

The Banking and Structured Finance practice group at FM concentrates all of its resources and professional efforts in the field of the Reserve Bank of India, regulatory and other banking law.
The firm has a nationwide practice base and has successfully represented and advised numerous banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, securitisation / asset reconstruction companies, non – Banking Financial companies and others. The caliber of the firm’s advisory and legal services in this sector has been highly appreciated by banking institutions across India as is evident from the impressive list of our clients in the said sector.

Practice Areas
Our Banking and Structured Finance practice area focuses on:

  • Advising banks/ Non-Banking Financial Companies (“NBFCs”) / financial institutions and companies on the foreign exchange regulations pertaining to investments/transactions in the banking sector
  • Drafting loan and financing agreements, service agreements, security, guarantee and allied documents for our clients
  • Advising NBFCs on various foreign exchange, company law and other legal issues, including issues related to the applicable capitalization norms, registration requirements etc
  • Advising the clients on legal and regulatory issues in relation to securitisation and asset reconstruction.
  • Advising tax optimal structures for leasing transactions.
  • Representing banks and Government of India in relation to litigation and arbitration matters in various courts in India.
  • The Litigation practice includes wide experience in civil, corporate litigation, environmental, property dispute, banking, criminal matters (white collar) and Arbitration matters. Further the litigation team also practices various fields of law including, intellectual property laws, service matters, electricity laws, anti dumping laws, competition laws, consumer protection, environmental laws, negotiable instruments act before the appropriate courts/ forums/ tribunal/ commissions.
  • The litigation team practices before the Debts Recovery Tribunal, Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal, Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice Commission, Company Law Board, Electricity Appellate Tribunal, Consumers Forums, District Court, BIFR, AAIFR, CEGAT, the High Court and the Supreme Court of India, etc.